Alternate method to burying posts in concrete footings???

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    I am planning to build/rebuild a deck that is attached to the house and hangs over a daylight basement. The deck is about 9 ½’ above the ground at its highest point. It appears that Olympia, WA code requires 18” diameter footings 4’ deep with 6 x 6 posts buried in the concrete a minimum of 3 ½’. This seems like complete overkill in every way but I’m guessing this is done to add lateral stability to the posts. I really don’t like the idea of having wood in contact with concrete due to the fact that the posts will be more prone to decay. It also makes it very difficult if there was ever a need to replace a post. My question is if anyone knows of an alternate method of attaching a post to a footing that will have good lateral stability without actually burying the post in the concrete. I’m thinking of something like a bracket that encases the outside of the post with a flange that bolts to the top of the footing or something similar. I want to be prepared with other potential options to offer the permit office when I apply for a permit. Anyone know of brackets or hardware manufactured to deal with this situation? Thanks, Mike.

    P.S. This is the link to the Thurston county building code pertaining to deck construction:

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