Alternative cheaper route instead of screen porch?

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Jul 13, 2023
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I wanted to do a screen porch in my backyard size of 25x14ft. Our county requires permit and i was quoted $3500 for architure design plus permit cost and screen porch build cost was $15,000. And we know this will go up once we start the project. At this point I am looking to do something alternative to avoid going the route that will require permit. The moment I put a full roof, It will require a permit. Now without making it into a screen room with a roof. I wanted to put beams in each side and put fabric canopy cover. For the floor ether concrete or pavers. Whatever is cheaper. We will barely use it so that's why I am looking for some other ways to make use of the back. Any idea will be appreciated. I am located in Montgomery county MD.


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There are some businesses and a YMCA camp in my area that make use of sun shade sails. I don't know if that would meet your need or not.