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    First project of the fall/winter I want to tackle is getting my son a basement room for a bedroom. (Our bedrooms are 9.5x9.5 and it drives him nuts.) I've measured out a room in the basement that is 12x11 and want to erect some interior walls and build a bedroom. I've researched some ways to lay a sub floor and I was going to go with the 2x2 t&g floor squares that are wood on top and plastic underneath. My questions:

    - Would I lay these tiles before I erect the interior walls?
    -Should a vapour barrier be placed down before I put the tiles in place?

    I figured the walls go in first as framing a wall to a floating floor sounded a bit silly but I've been wrong plenty of times before... :)

    The plan is to carpet the floor afterward. The outside walls had already been framed before I moved in. I want it to stay as warm as possible and try to reduce the humidity down there. There is no vapour barrier at all in the basement yet.

    Thanks in advance for any input.

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