Best external wood paint for house - is Epoxy paint good? Thanks

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Feb 22, 2023
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Sydney, Australia

I've got to repaint a whole load of external structural beams on an old house from the 60s. 100mm (4 inch) posts and other beams. They get rained on and get wet regularly.
I was initially just planning to do standard external acrylic paint, but then I was reading and saw epoxy paint is a thing now, and apparently it lasts longer and is more waterproof.
It's more expensive and has short pot life once mixed, but the areas I need to paint are really hard to reach and the beams are old wood, so I'm keen to use whatever will last longest and give the best protection against rain and weather.

Does anyone know much about it? In particular I'm curious to know:
- Is it suitable for external wood?
- How long it will last, and if it is very waterproof?
- Can you paint it over current acrylic paint or do I need to strip all that off first?
- When you have to repaint it in a few years, can you just repaint over the last epoxy paint or do you need to strip it all off?
- Is there anything else I'd need to know about using it?

Or, if epoxy paint is not suitable, what is the longest lasting other type of paint for external timber please? Any recommendations? Just a high quality external acrylic house paint? Polyurethane sealant over external acrylic house paint?

Any help or advice would be fantastic, thanks