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May 31, 2007
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Proctorville, Ohio
So, I bought myself bifold doors for my bedroom closets for my birthday yesterday. This evening, I am trying to install the track and the 1.25 inch screws won't stay in the drywall because of the previous track. I have tried longer screws but they meet resistance that my impact driver doesn't seem to be able to get through. I am charging the batteries overnight to make sure that it has enough juice.

What else can I try? This one last cat of my moms gets in the closet and there is fur on everything which I find very irritating, not to mention, it just will look better with the doors.
2 options, with the longer screws, drill a pilot hole. Or, with the screws provided, drill and install screw anchors.
But, the other part of the method, IS TO DRILL A PILOT HOLE, 1ST!