Can't get off a stop valve

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Jun 5, 2009
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South Hills, Pittsburgh, PA
Working under my bathroom vanity in order to replace the faucet. The stop valves are old and I would like to replace them. But they are stuck...stuck...stuck. From all I can see they are threaded on (last couple of threads visible and some teflon tape). I can't budge either of them with a wrench. I tried applying heat with a propane torch, and (separately) have tried penetrating fluid.
Any other ideas??
turn of the water to the house and drain completely, the heat the stops to almost red hot , use two wrenches , it should come apart
Not much to see. Looks normal from the front. I thought I had it hot enough to melt solder - just in case the guy who did this was a "belt & suspenders" type of guy.


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Great job. Now open and close them once a month and they will work great for many years. Trouble is no one ever does that.