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Sounds like I could do this with just my existing panel & maybe even with just a 100A main panel. Rarely do we pull 60A from our panel, our furnace & water heater are NG.
Our average draw is 6A, 1.5 kW.

What is more important is peak. Ever use an electric stove with an electric dryer? I think those are 40A each.

For the heck of it I googled how many registered cars there are in the US.

Google says 290,000,000. that’s roughly one per person. Of those google says there are 1,000,000 EVs and by 2025 there will be 18,000,000. At some point lets say we reach 50% EVs likely the number of cars that people actually drive daily would be my guess.

So will the power grid we have today support 150,000,000 EV at home charging stations along with the rest of the electric grid demands? Will the clean energy production be able to be ramped up enough without going nuclear to met the demand? Will we be still burning fossil fuels to make electric and capturing and storing the carbon? Right now google tells me that 61% is fossil fuel.

Who wants to do the math?

I am a stationary engineer. The short answer is we do not have enough power within the interconnects to do that. If the government mandated the change without also doing stuff to increase supply of electricity, brown outs and rolling blackouts would be a thing.
3 Watts per square foot for lighting and general outlets;
Now add electric dryer
electric stove or cooktop + oven
two kitchen appliance outlets
laundry outlet
two tons of air conditioning

Roughly 25 kW peak once/year.