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Mar 21, 2019
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Los Angeles County
Left drawer slide pulled out of the box, particle board end where it might be reattached is disfigured. You can see how the drawer slide attaches into the end with two small staples. Rather than try to rehabilitate the disfigured end of the drawer side to reattach like it was, I am thinking of using the two innermost holes on the slide mount to attach it to the drawer back by drilling holes and using small nuts with bolts on the inside. Good idea? Better idea? Thanks.


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That should work. Maybe do the other slide also as a preventative. Use machine screws and nuts with the heads inside the drawer. If that drawer side is deformed by the damage squirt some wood glue into the area and clamp it straight. If you don't have a clamp maybe just gently tap with a hammer to flatten that area.
Done and dusted, thanks. I even figured out why this happened to this drawer and not any others. Its contents include a large hinged citrus juicer that can stick up and get caught on the inside of the cabinet face when opening the drawer, and SOME PEOPLE in the house's solution is to KEEP PUSHING AND PULLING ON THE DRAWER rather than reach inside and move the damn thing. It now resides elsewhere in the kitchen.