Cleaning double window panes

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Dec 24, 2013
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I have a double window pane installed for thermal purpose for colder temps. however air got into what supposed to be a vacuum between two panes and it looks sweated and became opaque because of it and simply it is eyesore. Cleaning appears hard because the space between two panes are very small (~1 inch, poor design). Is there any way to clean it without going between? What is effective, proven way to clean it? Thanks.,
How old is the window? Some window mfg's have warranties against seal failure. There's really no way to take apart the glass that I'm aware of to let you clean and reseal the unit. The space between the glass is usually filled with an inert gas for added insulation.
WARNING! there is no way to "drill" into a window and have that work out.
Please reply with a picture so we know what type window you have and how old they are.