Electric Dryer-Drum Rotates but no heat

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Sep 20, 2016
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I am not sure how old the dryer is, it was here when I moved in 18 months ago. Sears Kenmore (in my experience, those run forever). It had been working fine until last night. I threw in some jeans and went to bed and when I woke up 4 hours later, I heard the dryer still running, which was odd. I checked it and the jeans were still damp (and cold). Drum rotates fine but there is no heat. I tried all three different heat settings (Low, Medium & High) and I tried all the different available cycles (except Fluff/No heat). No dice. Again, the drum rotates and it otherwise works fine, just no heat.

Is there anything I can check before I assume I need a new dryer? Is there an internal fuse or anything? If so, would the drum still rotate? I assume it's not an electric issue (circuit breaker is fine), otherwise, it wouldn't work at all? Would there be a situation where the dryer would continue to function without heat if it's an internal fuse or electric issue?

We will probably get a matched set down the road (low priority; washer works fine), and there are some local electric dryers (used) for sale here that are good brands (Samsung, Whirlpool) that are around $100-$150. We also have a home warranty that covers most appliances, except of course, washers and dryers!

Is it worth trying to diagnose, or should I just get a different dryer? Would a part/repair be less than a good used dryer for $100?

Thanks for the help,

Sounds like you need a new heating element. It is a common repair to do and DIY friendly.
Post a model #, and someone will look it up, because they also have heat sensors, as controls, which may have failed.
Thanks. Kenmore Model number 110.66752500.


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Not sure if this applies, but I had the same issue when the thermal fuse in our Kenmore gas dryer failed.
It could be the power to the dryer. If one of the hot lines is out the motor will still run but no heat. I would try turning off the breaker and back on as a first step.
Let’s not get way off in the weeds on this , take off the back of the dryer and you’ll see 2 small fuse like pieces like about 2 inches long , one is the high limit fuse and the other could be a fuse for the heating cycle. Happened to me years ago . Replace both usually come as a set . Less than $20 in parts a 15 min to replace.
Most likely these parts , most likely just the thermal fuse , but use a multimeter and check for continuityD13F5E3D-BF2C-4723-87DF-1F93C594EE7A.png
Here is the thermal fuse part number AP6008325. Google that number and you’ll find it cheaper.
Thanks for all the help! Thanks for taking the time to post this!
There are 2 sets of thermal limits. Each thermostat is protected by a high limit thermal fuse.
It is recommended replacing both the fuse and the thermostat per set.
Youtube it, they have very simple videos on how to troubleshoot.
Look out for used parts wherever you buy and try to get OEM parts.
I've been waiting 3 weeks for my parts, not supply chain problems but, logistics issues.