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Dec 17, 2021
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Montreal Quebec
Hello, I live in a high-rise rental unit and have an air conditioner system that includes a big fan unit on the balcony outside and an outlet for the cold air mounted high up on the wall (inside, obviously). It is controlled by a remote control. I woke up this morning to find the air conditioning had failed during the night. I located the circuit breaker which appeared not to have tripped. However I cycled it, leaving it, of course, back in the on position. This did not resurrect the air conditioner. I also attempted to use the remote to start the unit, again no success. Finally,I went out on the balcony and did a crude visual examination of the fan unit and could see nothing unusual. While I have notified my landlord, I'm interested in any possible suggestions as to what might be wrong and how I might be able to resolve the problem myself. Thank you In advance for any feedback.
The problem was solved by a technician who arrived much sooner than expected. He spoke almost no english, so I could not get an explanation. I will try to mark this thread as "solved" if that can be done. Thanks,
Can you see if he replaced any parts? I am assuming this is a mini-split unit?
Can you see if he replaced any parts? I am assuming this is a mini-split unit?
Yes, it is indeed a mini-split unit. I am quite sure he did not replace any parts - he was tinkering with some sort of fuse panel (I assume) out on the balcony as well as the circuit breaker panel in my apartment. In any event, problem solved.