Fence post for 2 door gate

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Oct 20, 2017
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This is a new to me home. It's in northern Minnesota so there is a good winter.

It looks like either the posts were not installed deep enough but I'm also not understanding the top rail that is connected to the right post.

Are there better solutions than the traditional post or to create something with concrete/stuck as a stationary pillar for the gates?


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For my single walk gate I used 4x4 cedar wood for the posts (actual dims are 4" x 4" x 8'). The posts are embedded in concrete down 2 feet and are each braced with one 2" x 2" steel angle iron, also embedded in the concrete, rising two feet above the ground, and bolted to the posts. I live in the Colorado Western Slope and have not had any problem with them. After 20 years the cedar is still in perfect shape and I cannot wiggle them at all.

For my 9-foot dual driveway gate I used 4-inch diameter steel posts and embedded those 2 feet down in concrete.