foreign country, trying to get water running

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Dec 24, 2013
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Hi, I am trynig to get water running in the 2 bedroom house which is off-grid. This is not in US but asian country where this was built off grid so please donot trip backward as to how it was poorly built, rather, it pulls the water from well and pour into the plastic container and uses pump and heater to deliver the water to the housing unit. (pic and url below)
Local Plumbing technician assessment was due to dirty plastic container used as a storage, the slime or some other hard substance built over time somewhere or throughout the plumbing and reduced the water delivery to bathroom and other areas to mere trickle and suggesting either 1. abandon current plumbing and install new plumbing line bypassing current one. 2. Try run a high pressure compressed air in an attempt to dislodge the build of stuff.

I am thinking to try 2nd as first attempt. I was wondering whether it will work? What kind of substance could build up from extended use of water from plastic container? Would it be extremely hard or easy to dislodge thruogh high pressure water? Any substance that can help with this?

At this point, I am not going to concern too much about water quality (in regards to drinking) to sinks etc, I jsut wanna be able to wash the clothes, utensils, dishes and run water through toilet.