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Welcome, I lived in England while in the USAF. I was at RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire. And lived in Syresham near Silverstone. I loved living in England.
I lived in London as a young child. A few family members still there (some having arrived later, somehaving left and gone back, etc.). I'm curious what kinds of home repair questions you've got, Andy.
I enjoy a few programs on my free over-the-top channels that came with my Samsung TV from BBC Home and Garden and Home Refresh channels that have a lot of British content including DIY SOS the Big Build, Build It Yourself with Charlie Luxon, and Secret Agent with Phil Spenser. It is interesting seeing how different the building techniques are in the UK versus the USA and Canada. A lot more all masonry construction in the UK. The US and Canada do more wood framed, which they usually refer to as Timber Framed though here that generally means large 6x6 or 8x8 exposed framing. Netflix and Hulu usually have some British Home and Garden shows as well.
Hi Andy, also a fellow Brit here. Looking forward to see what you are up to on the forum and seeing if I can help you in any way.