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    O.K. all of you know it know it alls:)

    I have a client who wants to purchase a 24" width double oven (special order)
    because that is the size of an existing oven..depth available is 22 5/8 (tight
    fit ..width will fit with 3/4" adjustment. Wants microwave installed over cooktop at wall..(no problem except cabinets are 12" deep and a decorative arch is over the cooktop) Microwave must be dropped from base of cabinets appx. 6" ..soo.. either longer hanger bolts are needed in the top front of the unit ..or I build something. The open area between the cabinets spans about 7" each side of the widest microwave measurement. Backsplash (wall) is tile covered. Any suggestions????? Oh, and another thing.. I read Atlanta Home Improvement Mag ( Dec. issue Kitchens & Baths) and not one of 20 kitchen re-do's have the microwave over the cooktop..Anyone know why?? Are decorators changing the whole fashion thing again ( like white cabinets are out and dark kitchens are the thing)?? Iwould like a little input please! DAVE

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