Heavy duty paint for extreme weathers

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Dec 24, 2013
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This is the window of the small house I have purchased few years back. Location is in extreme temperature variance -40 (winter) and +40 (summer) year round, which I believe might have contributed to the condition such as peeling of paint. I am thinking to repaint. Any suggestion on paint that is resilient on extreme weather such that I mentioned above?


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I am guessing that the steel bars were painted with the same paint as the trim. Best bet would be to remove the bars and as much of the old paint as possible (access to a sandblaster would be convenient) and repaint the steel bars with Rustoleum.

The wood trim needs a good quality exterior primer. I normally use Benjamin Moore, so that would be their K094 or K096 Fresh Start primer. But surely there are other good exterior primers. ( Hint -- go to a real paint store, not a Big Box)
A good BM would be their Aura exterior paint.
Scrape off all loose paint.