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Mar 25, 2023
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Zurich, Switzerland
Hey there,

I am a computer programmer with a background in mathematics. I used to be mostly into abstract stuff like coding and algorithms, I would spend hours after school in front of my PC creating some application. As you might probably guess, I was not good in DIY'ing. To be honest, I am usually scared when some repairs / installation / etc question comes up, feeling absolutely helpless because of the absolute lack of knowledge and/or experience. I thus try to avoid such questions, for example I have a still unpacked whiteboard which has been waiting to be attached to a wall for about 2 years :rolleyes:

I would like to make a change in my life, stop becoming afraid of DIY work and start slowly getting my own experience. There are three reasons for desire:
  1. I want to be able to maintain a sailing yacht if I ever buy one. At sea one can rely on nobody but oneself.
  2. I am a father of a young boy now and I believe it'd be good for him to get DIY experience early on so that he doesn't face the problems I am facing. So I shall learn and teach!
  3. I am so tired of being incapable of doing simple things like attaching a photo to a wall. This state certainly affects my happiness (negatively).
One funny fact: I attended 3 monthly courses on motorcycles: general construction, electrics and engines. We learnt theory, practiced (e.g. disassembling and reassembling an engine) but I never laid a finger on motorbike. This I would also like to change. It's scary though.

My first question would be about fixing a baseboard. If somebody could point me to the right topic of the forum, I'd be grateful.



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Feb 5, 2013
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Erie, PA
Welcome to the forum.

I grew up in the 50-60s and I faced the opposite fears in the 80-90s when my job turned strongly to computers. I had to fully embrace the changes or fade into history.

We have a great bunch here and they will offer a lot of help. :welcome group:

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