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Sep 12, 2022
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I have a love/hate relationship with building/fixing stuff around the house.
There is something really cool about doing it yourself, saving a bunch of $ (the main motivator for me if I'm honest). On the other hand, it takes so much time (I am a busy professional with limited free time during the week), and I hate projects that drag on (my wife even more so!). It can be a little scary (what if I make it worse, what if it's not good enough?) and I'm hoping that this forum can be part of my support network.

Things I've done:
- I finished my basement 20 years ago because there was no way I could pay someone to do it at colorado prices, even 20 years ago
- I build an elevated platform in the crawl space next to my half basement so that I could store boxes, etc... without them resting on the plastic vapor barrier
- I installed laminate wood floor in said basement 3 years ago
- I created a new partition to wall off one of the basement rooms so my wife could have a closed-off studio for her quilting business
- I was able to troubleshoot my whole house fan and decide the problem was that the control switch was fried and replace it
- I replaced the thermocouple in my water heater and gave it a couple more years of life
- I replaced the electrovalve in my humidifier and replaced the moisture sensor in my furnace.

Things I've failed at:
- Plumbing! I can't seem to get the hang of sweating pipes, I had to call a professional to the rescue (I never had to do plumbing for the basement, no bathroom or bar)
- suspended ceiling tiles. I used those in my basement to be able to access pipes and wires in the ceiling, but I hate those things. they're not designed to hang 4 inches below the ceiling as I installed them, and it seems they manage to break every time I look at them wrong.
- My sprinkler system started knocking this year and for the life of me I couldn't figure it out (good thing sprinkler season is about over)

Things in my future:
- revamp the stairs to my basement, eliminate the squeaks and make the stairs prettier
- figure out how to revamp the storage in my garage, those 10" shelves lining the wall just won't do it anymore

There you go, hope it helps in figuring out a little more of who I am and where my skills end...


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Feb 5, 2013
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Erie, PA
:welcome group: to the forum. You found the right place and I think you will fit right in. I also like your name you selected it fits a lot of us.

Well first tip. PEX I never had a lesson and taught myself in one day and redid my plumbing from the meter on in a day and a half and a lot of that time was running for supplies. Not one leak in the entire house. Love PEX.

We like to see photos so when you get into your next project take some before and the guys will offer advice before you start.

Again Welcome Bud


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Sep 2, 2022
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Brockville, Ontario
G'day, and welcome @IamAllThumbs, Great place to be, and a bunch of great people to chat about with building and so much more... I too was going to suggest doing your plumbing in PEX. Great stuff to work with and very easy to learn... I did most of my plumbing throughout my house with it in a fraction of the time copper would have taken me... Now thinking to use PEX to put in lines throughout the house for my air compressor,,, Anyways chum... Welcome aboard...