Help please with hooking up ice maker with fridge

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Aug 28, 2016
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Fridge Make: Frigidaire
Model: FRS6LF7JW3

Parts explosion this link ---> Frigidaire Refrigerator FRS6LF7JW3 | PartSelect

I have very little knowledge of plumbing. All I do know how to do is anything that has to do with PEX - although I don't always know what parts (Sharkbite fittings) that I need.

The water hose on this fridge is shown in the parts explosion. However I have no idea what part nor can find that connects from this hose fitting to a Sharkbite fitting. I would think that the hose fittings is basically generic in form and the parts link is not really needed but figured I would give it to you anyway.

So my main question is what Sharkbite parts do I need to hook up the hose fitting to a PEX line? I live way out in the boonies so I will more than likely need to order it online.

I bought this fridge used from a store. No guarantee that the ice maker and water dispenser actually works so I am taking a gamble.

In the parts listing you will see that it has an internal water filter. The one that was in there is from Feb 2020 so of course it is time to replace it. I just ordered a replacement.

What I would really like to do is to put an inline water filter in the PEX prior to the water even getting to the fridge water hose fitting. This way it gives me double filtration. I am very susceptible to different/funky water tastes. I don't even like most bottled water brands. I try and stay with Brita but that is getting played out filling the container so much. Also, it would be nice to have ice that is filtered and not bagged.

I am attempting to find a water filter to place between the house water and the fridge water hose but I only come up with whole house filters, water softeners etc. I just want a basic water filter to place inline with the PEX prior to the fridge water hose fitting. So it would go from house water inlet via pex to one side of the house water filter to pex and then to fridge water hose fitting. Again, my problem is not knowing the fittings even to place the house water filter inline. Something simple and basic such as this one. but again I have no idea what sharkbite fittings I need to place it inline with PEX.

Now I know what the DIYers that come to the electrical part of this forum that I assist in feel like ;-(

Any help would be appreciated.

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The filter that is in the fridge will do a good job of taking out chlorine and that’s about it. If the fridge was new there would be a coil of tube taped to the back it is flexible and not too large. What I did was I bought a PEX quarter turn (I believe) fridge valve that had a compression fitting for that hose. I attached it to the end cabinet and connected .5 PEX inside and ran it to the cold water PEX and used a regular PEX T where I tapped in.

If I wanted a filter on the kitchen I would put it ahead of the cold line for the sink and filter the sink and the fridge both.

I have mixed feelings about these cartridge filters and the one in our fridge works really well and it has been in there for way too long maybe 6 years and is slowing down but the water still tastes great. I’m too lazy to figure out what I need to buy. On the other hand I have put them on a line and they worked ok for a while and then caused the water to taste bad, causing me to change them all the time until I finally just left it empty for 20 years.

I would start off with just the fridge filter and see how it is.
As bud stated,"T" off the cold supply line, and if your water is softened, run an unsoftened supply.

The 3 stage water filters sold at the big boxes, and hardware stores, explain the different mods of filtration offered, for your selection. You can, select, to use a single application, or add them in series. And you are cheap, you can purchase the filter mediums, and refill yourself, in stead of replacement cartridges.
Water is not softened.

I understand how to run off with a T connection to the fridge line.

Bud the link you gave me is for a crimp PEX connection, is there an equivilant for a Sharkbite. I don't have a crimping tool and don't plan on buying one.

If I were to buy the filter I gave the link to what Sharkbite connectors would I need for the "Inlet" and "Outlet" of the filter?
If there isn’t a sharkbite there are taps like I showed with a pipe thread and then sharkbite that have the opposite pipe threads. Put a strip of Teflon tape around the threads.

Best way is to go to your Lowes or Home Depot and see what they carry in sharkbite fittings and build it out.

I found if you are going to buy many sharkbite fittings you will pay for a crimping tool in short order. The problem is once you get one everyone borrows it and you have to go find it.
Alright - can someone give me a link on Amazon for the proper crimping tool and rings to use with the crimping tool. I am sure I will need more sharkbites in the future so might as well buy the crimping tool and the rings to save on the cost of the sharkbites. I probably could have paid for one already with all the sharkbites I bought. More than likely it will be much easier for me to find the proper fittings that are not sharkbite so I should just get the darn crimper.
In my case crimpers are too costly and I am unsure that they are useable in the small space I am working in.
In my case crimpers are too costly and I am unsure that they are useable in the small space I am working in.
Crimping with the stainless bands you can get into small tight places and planning your work you can pre assemble some things and then do the easy crimp last.

What I like about the stainless bands is the same crimping tool does all sizes.

With PEX you kind of rethink plumbing and do more of a homerun method. It is more like home electric than plumbing in some ways.
Thanks Bud for the links
I just purchased the set (cutter, crimper and bands). Not a bad price either.
I was using my boss' cutter when I needed it - now I will have my very own :)
Odd part is my boss does not even know how to use the cutter. He paid for it but I bought it so I could do some plumping work for him using sharkbites.
When I bought my cutter the guy at HD was a master plumber for 50 years retired. He was the only person in the whole store that knew anything.

He sold me the cutters with a warning as to just how sharp that cleaving blade is and to always pay attention as he saw several guys get cut with them. I will pass along the warning.

Ya the kits look pretty good they didn’t have them when I got mine. As long as it has the ratchet on the on the crimper I put the ring in mine and give it one click. No more and it will hold the ring and then you can put the ring over the PEX in a tight spot. Saves getting both hands in there. Another tip is after it is crimped you can still turn the joint. Sometimes that comes in handy.

You might lose your union card though with the plumbers going after you. :coffee:
Hey Bud

I am not so worried about the union card for plumbing. I live way out in the boon-docks in PA as you know and the only plumber around me never returns my phone calls. We are pals though. Have known him for a few years. He just redid my entire sewer line in the house out to the connection outside, including the bathtub, bathroom vanity, kitchen sink etc so he is happy with the money I paid him for that. He cut me a great deal on price as I did for him when I did electrical in his house. He knows enough about electrical to be very dangerous.

Sorry, I got off track here.

Please check out this link for me.
Let me know if I have selected the proper fitting to connect my fridge water line to pex. I think I got it right.

Urgh!! I never bothered to look in the listing if the crimper is ratchet. I hope it is.
Looks right to me. You will need a tee where you tap into your water line assuming that is PEX also.

Some of the fridge lines are stiff and some are softer and come with a brass insert you slip inside for the compression fitting to clamp on.
Well, all the parts and tools I ordered should be here this weekend from Amazon.

Yes, I realize I have to place a T in line with my water line. I have the concept of basic plumbing and I have done it before I just did not know what fitting I needed for the fridge water hook up and just some clarification on the tools I wanted to buy.

Before I can do any work I have to wait until my friend is around to help me move the fridge. I am hoping I have the proper connector on the end of the water line to the fridge as I bought it used from a store. From what I can see it looks as though that fitting is on the end of the hose. We will see though.

The new fridge filter is ordered and should be here this weekend also. Who ever put in the last one jammed it into the receptacle it fits into and it was stuck big time. My friend was finally able to free it and remove it without damage.

I'll give an update once I am finished playing with the water. Hopefully I don't flood my basement out :cool:

Thanks for everyone's help and suggestions.


I have received all of the parts that I have ordered so far and the crimping tool and pex connectors. I also received the 1/4 turn shut off. I have a good idea how to do the house water line to the 1/4 turn shut off valve also. I also received the new fridge water filter.

Because of my back issues not until today when a friend of mine was here was I able to pull the fridge out from the wall to look at the back of it where the water line goes into the fridge. Please see the pictures I attached.

I really thought I saw the hose in the fridge coiled up from the front freezer section. Apparently my mind remembered the other fridge I had and there is no hose from the fridge to the 1/4 turn shut off which means I have to order one. I also don't know if the hose comes with the proper fitting that connects to the inlet in the bottom right of the fridge (pic) and the other end fitting that connects to the 1/4 turn shut off in the basement.

I have looked at the parts diagrams but for the life of me I can't find the proper hose and fittings needed to connect the fridge to the 1/4 turn.

Here is the link to the parts diagrams again.
Frigidaire Refrigerator FRS6LF7JW3 | PartSelect

The one pic shows the hose from the water inlet bottom right to the ice maker/water dispenser. The other picture shows what I believe is the connection for the water hose that goes from the fridge to the 1/4 turn in the basement.

Would someone please look at the diagram and see what specific parts I need to order to connect the fridge to the 1/4. Someone with a skilled eye may have much better luck than these 65 yo eyes.

Thanks so much for your help.

Hopefully I will have ice and water soon from the fridge.



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Has anyone had a chance to take a look at the parts diagrams to help me figure out what parts I need (hose fittings) to connect from the bottom of the fridge to the 1/4 turn in the basement. I can't find the proper diagram showing this screw on connection in the picture. I am at a dead stop now until I figure out what parts to order. I have all the other parts to run the water line in the basement.
Great!! Thanks oldognewtrick!! You are a life-saver!! :thumb:

I also purchased this 1/4 turn to connect in the basement to the fridge water line that you linked for me.
will this work with this braided hose?

If the braided hose will not connect to the 1/4 turn I have what 1/4 turn do I need then?

Wow!! Now I know what DIYers in the electrical forum feel like when I answer their questions. I feel stupid :eek: