Help With Building Desk Into Double Bay Window - Pics and Vid

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    Hey guys I am new here. I recently moved into a 1 bedroom apartment in Philadelphia and I have a beautiful bay window. I really want to build a desk (more like just a desktop with open cubby compartments) into the indention.

    Let me show you what it is I am looking for then I will show you what mine look like. Here are images I found from the web of what I am looking for:

    This left side of this image I really like because it shows the open face cubby compartments that I would love to have plus I think they would be good support for it.

    This second image just shows it from more strait on, but I only have 2 bay windows not 3.

    And here are images of what my bay windows actually look like:

    Some things to note:
    -I like my desk level to be 29"
    -The bay windows window sill is 26"

    So what do you guys think? Doable?

    1) What type of desk top would my options be, something affordable and nice would be good :)

    I really like the dark wood feel of a desk so that would be awesome.

    2) Could I just go to a place like home depot with exact measurements or would I need a place more specific for something like this?

    Thanks all!

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    Post some candidate to-scale drawings of desk various designs that are preferable to you.

    Check if IKEA has some close matches in their catalog that will fit or can be easily modified to accomodate your space. Their whole desks sell for less than I can buy the lumber for a desk.

    Plywood with dark wood veneer is dimensionally more stable than hardwoods.
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