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Discussion in 'Plumbing Forum' started by Point65, Jun 25, 2012.

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    Hi Everyone
    I found this forum while searching for a fix to a problem and felt I should join. I've been reading around here, and have enjoyed reading the interaction of the members on different issues happening in our homes.

    I have a problem getting our kids' bathtub to drain well. It happened once before where I get it to drain, well, better than it was but now it's back to a near-standstill draining. I used rubber-coated wire Turbo-snake and got a "rat" (What I've been calling the long hair messes I pull out of the drain), but the drain has actually gotten worse. Even after each different attempt at clearing it with, Drano gel, almost-boiling water, Liquid Plumbr gel and, since I couldn't get the coil through the drain I used it through the overfill hole, the snake, and finally the wet/dry vac.

    I thought the wet/dry vac would have done it, but it just sucked out water and dirt that finally went down the drain. I also don't think the snake was effective since, although I got it to for some distance until it hit resistance it could be rotated after I got it to that point. The better angle would have been the drain, but I couldn't fit the coiled head past the drain due to the stopper receptacle being in there.

    I don't want to use bleach in the pvc pipes, and I don't remember whether or not that was what cleared it the last time this happened. Each drain cleaner I used I waited both the recommended time, and then for an hour the second time. No results. Is there a way to remove the drain receptacle without hurting the tub? It looks pretty permanently put in there.

    Does anyone have a suggestion I haven't tried yet? I sure could use some help before I give up and call a professional.:help:
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    Well, I went with the last-ditch, bleach-will-eat-it-away approach. I used the fresh meadow scent so it wouldn't smell like an indoor pool in there. After a couple of applications, the tub is draining well.

    I was encouraged when there wasn't any explosions or vibrations in the walls after I poured down the bleach. I'm thinking that's how I fixed it the last time this happened.
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    Good to hear you fixed the problem!:D
    And :welcome:

    I would just like to add a note for those of you with a septic system. When you have a septic system, try to go the mechanical route as best you can, Adding any bleaches and draino type products is not good for your system, it kills off the bacteria in the tank and can lead to blockage issues down the road.

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