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    Hi there.

    My name is Adam and I'm a first time home owner (700sqft bungalow with an unfinished basement) about to turn 31. I don't know a whole lot about renovating but I've managed to come this far without blowing the house up. I've built some fences, knocked down an interior wall, plastered a new wall, lay vinyl tiles, lay carpet, built a captains bed and lay trim. I'd say I had the most difficulty building the wall out of plaster. :)

    Found this forum because I am looking into building rooms in my basement and trying to maximize sq footage in the house so I can get a bedroom down there for my teenage son and expand my living room to the entire width of the house. So future plans are:
    -Finishing basement
    -Knocking down walls
    -Updating a bathroom
    -Building storage areas
    -Eventually adding an extension
    -Replacing windows
    -Installing crown moulding and chair rail
    -Laundry chute

    So since I didn't take many shop classes and pretty much have gotten by with common sense and the internet I thought i would join a forum where there may be people who can tell me how to do it. I love forums. I purchased a 50+ yr old boat on a whim and joined a boating forum. without those guys I would never have been able to complete the project. the internet is a wonderful thing :)

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