How can I toggle other lines off my generator transfer switch box?

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Jul 10, 2011
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Finally, replaced a 4-circuit 15A Transfer Switch with a 10-circuit 30A Transfer Switch for a 9000W generator. My issue is the 2-240 dbl breakers that take up 4 of the 10 circuits; one is for the well and 1 for the septic. The septic is gravity flow and 100' + 30' below the home, and there's only 2 of us, so those 2 lines to the septic could be used elsewhere for a couple of days. Also, beyond those 2 lines, I would like to switch a couple other lines in the house if the power is out for extended periods, like this year! It can be done by switching lines in the panel, of course, but I would prefer leaving the cover on and create another switch box, basically a non-breaker box out from the main panel, substituting lines off the transfer box, and I want to do this by code.

Has anyone had a configuration like this?

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I’m not a pro.

I would believe the 240v double breakers could be switched or directed to another use but would still need to be 240v device. Likewise any of the 120v breakers could be selected for other sources. You would have to keep amperage the same.

Just a quick search on Google comes up with quite a few switches that could do this I searched on (generator transfer switch selector switch). These switches are set up for A/B slection and have a third dead or off position so there is no chance for any overlap or back feed. They have enough contacts for 120 or 240.

I don’t have a generator setup yet, but have been planning on doing something in the near future and I don’t think I can afford a whole house unit so I will likely be doing some kind of sharing also.

We do have some pros here that should be along with better info soon.