How to seal this sewer main seal leak?!?

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Feb 22, 2019
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Hi all.
So I'm not 110% sure it's the sewer main exit seal that is allowing a little seepage into my finished basement. But after yesterday's heavy rain, I had some water start behind the drywalled wall and walks around the corner to the exposed area (see pics). Last time this happened I thought it was the short gutter downspout and sump discharge line both not far enough from the house. I've already buried and extended both out about 40ft from the house so I can eliminate that has what I once thought was the possible source. The only other thing on that wall is the sewer main exit!

My plumber buddy said most plumbers won't take on that kind of repair because it's more of a basement "sealing company" thing.
So I have a few questions I was hoping I could get some guidance on:
1-What's a reseal repair like this usually run?
2-What's the procedure for doing this because I've heard of them drilling holes and injecting a sealer so outside digging don't need to be done?
3-Is there any sort of camera that can see through the drywall to positively identify the source being the sewer main seal before I start busting out drywall? Thanks