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May 31, 2007
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Proctorville, Ohio
So, I change my heatpumps air filter every 4 to 6 weeks because of pet fur and dander. I know that you shouldn't use too high of a mere rating because it can strain the system, however.... how high is too high since I change so frequently?

My heat pump is 14 years old but wasn't used at all for 5 of those years. I believe it is only a 10 SEER. Also.... I keep it 70ish year round and live in the KY/Ohio/WV area just to show weather patterns and usage.
I've been told 10 is the max on most units. I change mine out every 3 months, and use a 9 MERV.. I also get the Home Depot special buys of the day, and they offer free shipping at half the price as what is in the store.
If you're getting a lot of pet dander on them you can vacuum them off to extend their life. If it is all fine particulate I'm not sure vacuuming would work, but for big stuff it wouldn't hurt.
I might try that next time @Sparky617 . It usually the bottom 5 inches are covered in fur. But the entire filter is dirty also. However, I could purchase a little more expensive/better quality filer if I could vacuum some of it off (maybe)
Sounds like a situation where pre-filter wouldn't hurt.
You can try different MERV ratings while keeping an eye on your blower's amp drawn and determine which filter is best for your system.
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