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    I'm a family guy from Daly City, CA (I'm a half a city block from San Francisco for those that don't know). I'm married with two little boys 6 and 4. Housing in the Bay Area is expensive and we wound up with a fixer upper from hell. For a number of reasons I have no other choice but to remodel the entire house myself and straight out of my wallet.

    It's been more time gone by than I care to recall, but the light is so close to the end of the tunnel that I'm drooling. I've done so much to this house that it would take hours I don't have to put it all in type. In time I will add some photos and details. I gutted the house and started from scratch. I'm about a week away from the house being completely rewired minus the trim work, which of course has to wait until the rock, tape and paint go up.

    I know electricity and I've observed other trades in the years of building skyscraper that I think I can pull this off alone, but I know at some point, I'm going to need help. My main motivation is to provide a better life for my family and to free up some time to go camping and fishing. That's why I sought out a good forum for help. I hope this is it.
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