Leaking window in a stucco wall...ugh

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Aug 24, 2020
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Nepean Ontario
We had a big thunderstorm yesterday and it made a torrent of water come in at the top of the frame of our bedroom window. How do I fix this?

We've only had this happen twice before, it seems that the wind has to be blowing hard against the wall of the house, and it has to be raining like hell.

The wall that the window is in, is covered with old stucco. (House is late 60s). I suspect there's a crack in the stucco, and water is getting behind it and then down into the window frame area??
The window has metal flashing on top.

So how best to fix this? I'm a little wary of stucco repair but is this viable - can they find cracks and fix them even if it's a hairline crack?

The other alternative is to bite the bullet and cover the wall with siding. I guess this will be more expensive but it'll be a longer term fix.

Thanks for your thoughts!!

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