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They spray Peroxide / Vinegar on Chicken at processing plants IF they don't soak them in Chlorine instead.
Well, maybe not up there, but here there is a distinct Chlorine smell upon opening the package, OR a distinct other smell when opening a pack of "Ultra Organic Free Range Blah Blah Blah", which I asked about and turned out to be the PAA as shown in your Hydrogen Peroxide / Vinegar example.
@RedneckGrump I love the life hacks. One never knows when one might come in handy. I read a medical hack several years back using black pepper to make hemostat gauze pads. I had saved a bunch of black pepper packets that came with takeout food. I painstakingly emptied them all into a small dish, covered with alcohol and after a bit saturated some gauze squares in the mix. I spread them to dry, packed them in a ziplock bag never to be seen again. I've looked in med supply area, vanity drawers and kitchen drawers but no hemostat pads.
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A coffee roaster offered this hack;
If less coffee than recommended is used in a coffee maker the ground beans are scoured and the quality of the coffee suffers. If one likes weaker coffee brew it robust and weaken by adding hot water before consuming. Unwittingly I did this during a bible study. One of our group liked weaker coffee so rather than making a separate carafe I kept a carafe of hot water on the side for her to use as a mixer.

My hack for meat packaging:
Microwave those meat trays and absorptive pads for 60 seconds or so before placing in trash (especially for fish and chicken).