Looking for Help to Fix My Damaged Tabletop of Uncertain Material

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Sep 17, 2023
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Hey there wonderful forum community,

I could really use your expert advice when it comes to fixing my tabletop. This desk originally cost $3,000 , but I'll admit, I've put it through the wringer by standing on it a few too many times, and now the tabletop is split. The issue is, I'm not entirely sure what material the tabletop is made of, which makes me hesitant to believe that a simple glue job will do the trick.

Would any of you be kind enough to share your wisdom on the best way to mend this injured tabletop? The material uncertainty has me scratching my head, so any tips you have to offer would be incredibly appreciated.


The pics are very good, but they are so close, I can not tell what type of table this is?

Is this a load bearing table? A construction table? A draftsman's table?

You mentioned standing on a $3000 table?

Tell us more!

At this point, I'd use a Gorilla glue and clamps, and not stand on it anymore.
Hey havasu,

thank you for your prompt response, and I apologize for not providing more details earlier. This is indeed a very heavy desk. The tabletop is set within a sturdy metal frame, and it's designed to withstand heavy loads.

I occasionally need to access items from a high cabinet, and regrettably, I've resorted to stepping on the desk's surface to reach them. My weight has caused the tabletop to split, and I'm concerned about how to repair it properly given its material remains unidentified.

Thank you for your assistance; it means a lot to me.