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Jun 26, 2017
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I have my TV mounted on the wall in my family room. While doing so I read about the restrictions about running power in the wall. I ended up going with a kit designed for high voltage in wall applications to make sure I did everything the correct way.

Now I am faced with a dilemma though. I recently bought a new sound bar that I would really like to mount as well. The problem is how to cleanly run the power to it. There are in wall kits that include a stop for the sound bar power, but I would really like to avoid spending the money and doing an entire new install now. I went though all the other options, but I think the only clean way is to run the cord though the wall.

It is powered by 19V DC. I feel like this is not nearly as big of a deal as running 120V AC through the wall. I am going to assume that this is probably still against code. What are the issues I could run into if I just do it? I feel like the likely hood of having any issues is very low. If I sell the house in the future, I would just have a small hole that I can patch up. I would never sacrifice the safety of my home and family for something silly, so thats why I wanted to ask. I just cant see a 19V cord being more of an issue running 2ft through a wall that 2ft across the ground.


Nov 17, 2005
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Please post a picture of the label on the supply for this 19 volt cable. Everything depends on how that power supply is labeled.

Tom Horne

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