McCulloch Chain Saw-Need user manual please

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Aug 28, 2016
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Model: CS 38 EM

I attached the name plate image of the chain saw my friend just gave me for me doing electrical work for him in trade.

I have been trying to find the proper user manual for it but I can't seem to narrow down the correct one. I find variations of the model but not the actual model. I want to be sure of the oil/gas ratio plus of course other things about it.

Can someone please provide the link to the user's manual for me that matches this chain saw model.



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call 1-800-521-8559 select parts, ask them to email a owners manual to you, it's free, it's EZ
Thanks havasu

I did not know that McCulloch was owned by Husqvarna

I called the # you gave me. I guess I woke "Juan" up as he seemed very out of it. Took him 15 minutes with two "holds" to tell me that they have to request the manual. He pressed me for my tele # and address but he finally settled for my email address so they can email it to me. Said it will take a few days to get it. I gave him the model # and he told me it should start with a 9 but it starts with CS. Then I saw on the label there is a number starting with 9. Good Grief!!

Odd, after doing more search on the net I find I am not the only one hunting for this specific manual. I even went to the McCulloch site and did a search and it can't be found. I guess it is a very old chain saw.
You do know that McCullogh began his claim to fame building outboard boat motors. He moved to Lake Havasu to test the engines, and became so rich that he purchased the original London Bridge. Shipped it over the ocean piece by piece, and is now an iconic figure there. McCullogh Boulevard is the main roadway, and his house is still visible from my house, nearly 10 miles away.
That's very interesting to say the least.

Hey, next time you are in that neighborhood do you think you can stop by his house and ask him for a copy of the user manual for one of his chain saws that I own? :cool:
I would, but I don't plan on visiting him for a long time, since he died in 1977!

I found the manual for this chainsaw

For anyone in the future searching for this manual.
I saw the name plate and searched for Model: CS 38 EM which I could not find.

There is a label on the side of the chain saw that says MS1838AV
Here is the manual for it. This is for the MS1432 but also for MS1838AV
Download McCulloch MS1432 User Manual | ManualsLib

Thanks for everyone's assistance in this thread.