Microwave use and outlets in an old house

Discussion in 'Electrical and Wiring' started by kmn, Feb 23, 2010.

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    I live in a home built ~1900. The wiring in general seems to be just fine - I have a few other outlets with power strips and multiple electronic devices and no problems so far. I'm trying to decide into which kitchen outlet I should plug a microwave, but each involves a little adjustment. My choices are:

    1) Use a three-to-two prong adapter (three prong microwave cord into an old two prong outlet) to plug into an outlet already in use by a fridge (with the same kind of adapter), or

    2) Use a very short heavy duty extension cord (microwave or air conditioner rated) to plug into a three prong outlet. Any thoughts on using a power strip for this setup?

    I know each is a bit risky. The extension cord/power strip is my preference for ease of use, but I'd like some advice/opinion as to whether one is safer than the other, particularly in an old home. I've seen plenty of warnings about extensions cords, and know I need to use a heavy duty one. Would a microwave AND fridge be too much for one outlet? I do plan on only having the microwave when I'm using it. Thanks for your advice!

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