Mixing medium for mica powder?

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Nov 2, 2022
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Cleveland, OH
I'm going to paint my brick fireplace. It's decorative only, no longer in use. I really wanted to find a paint that was a warm off-white with a pearl/metallic look but I just couldn't find anything that was the shade I wanted.

I bought a latex paint in the color I want and also bought some pearl metallic mica powder. I understand mica powder doesn't mix well with latex paint because the paint will overpower the metallics in the mica.
I contacted the manufacturer, and they told me to first prime and paint the brick, and then mix the mica powder into a clear topcoat or a glaze.

I thought I could mix the powder into a poly but reddit says is not a good carrier of pearls. The long dry time means any sagging or thin areas show up like ripples with white powder and if you go over it too much it gets cloudy. I've searched for a clear latex paint without much luck. Rust-oleum makes one but it's a gloss finish and I'm looking for more of a satin.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can make this work? Is there another clear medium that I can use instead of polycrylic? Glaze was mentioned but I'm not familiar with glazing and don't know if that would affect the way the finished brick looks.
You said, you said, EXCEPT, you quoted another.

"but reddit says is not a good carrier of pearls"

And what did min-wax say, by chance?
You said, you said, EXCEPT, you quoted another.

"but reddit says is not a good carrier of pearls"

And what did min-wax say, by chance?
I didn't try contacting min-wax after reading the reviews of those who have tried it but I suppose I could reach out.
Well, you'll never know, if they can offer you some invites and methods, which the "bloggers", who are renowned for disinformation and self marketing, don't, unless you ask.

My first stop has always been, the products, primary, vendor, and never, a self-interested blog. I have better use for my time.
I’m an avid home theater person and have built a few DIY front projector screen walls. There are a million paint mixes for doing this and most start out with latex paint and have clear water based poly added along with sometimes mica as a metallic. Most of the mixes that contain just poly and latex can be rolled or brushed and the poly acts to slow down the drying and produces a very level surface. When mica is add it gets trickier and spraying and mixing become important. I have never used just mica and poly so I would experiment a little. Most of the mica we used was liquid and suspended in something to start and sold as craft paint.

The only way you will know for sure is try some in the paint and also the poly and maybe even try mixing the three and trying that.
I've used automotive and marine "water white" on auto finishes, and after rubbing with polishing compound, the finish appears inches thick.