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Nov 24, 2017
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How effective is Concrobium for removal and prevention on wood?

We also have mold on a curtain. Can the spray be used on that?

Is there better?

A sprinkler outside our home caused water damage inside.
We just got moved in after a house fire. The fire dept of course left things a "little" damp, and mold was growing beautifully. What the professional folks used, after cleanup with shovels,etc. was ozone generators. They not only took care of mold, but took all the smoke smell out of the place. You can find them on line for about $400, or maybe rent one. The house can not be inhabited while the process is going.

The house can not be inhabited while the process is going.
"Heavy oxygen".

How long does it take?

But see

Was planning on using the Concrobium in the spring, and then repaint with some type of sealant over these cinderblocks.
Bought a dehumidifier but in the winter the humidity stays at 35% regardless of rainy weather. In summer it's 65%. Recommended range is 35% to 50%.
I used Borax and it worked fine. Leaves a white crust the next day which can easily be wiped off.