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Feb 25, 2018
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I'm not a plumber at all, so please excuse the novice question. I have a garden tub with a roman faucet (see image below). The left (hot water) faucet handle has a leak and I think the plastic cartridge part that the handle fits onto is what needs to be replaced. What is that part called? Can that part be purchased by a non-plumber? Or, do you need a plumbing license to purchase the part. Does the part have to be specific to the faucet brand, which I don't know what brand of faucet it is unfortunately?

Any help is appreciated.


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Just google faucet cartridges and then visit any of the local venders, with your cartridge in hand, or, in some cases Amazon will show specific dimensions.
As posted above. Take your cartridge that you suspect is bad to your neighborhood Ace Hardware along with the manufacture of your valve and they will likely have a replacment. If they don’t they should be able to have one in stock within a day or two.

Buying on line is an option but difficult to compare side by side and harder to return if not exactly correct.