New deck and overhang question

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Aug 5, 2009
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New to the site and it appears to be a great one! I have a quick question, I am in the process of getting materials for my deck. It will be 24'-0" x 32'-0". I am using 6x6 posts, and 2x10 beams. I planned on using 2x8 joists, but think I will opt for 2x10 for them instead. It is a free standing deck, not attached to the house. My concern is the overhang. I am going to run the beams the 24' direction, and the posts will be spaced at 6'-0". I am only using three posts in the 24' direction. Leaving me with an unsuported end of 6'-0". I will run the 2x10 joists at 16" o.c. I will use a brace onthe ends of the beam to the end posts. Will the overhang be to much or will I be okay with the distance? In the 32' direction I will have a 3'-0" overhang, and am using 5 rows of posts, with 8'-0" between the middle posts.

Does this sound good to go, or should I move the posts in the 24' direction? Allow for a 3'-0" overhang that direction as well, giving me 9'-0" between the middle post?


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