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Discussion in 'HVAC' started by asbestos, Sep 5, 2006.

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    Feb 18, 2006
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    My oil boiler (Circa 1949 American-Standard) is getting old. I am wondering how long we should nurse it along. It runs fine now but one of the circulator pumps may give out soon (you just can't seem to get more then 20 or 30 years out of a pump anymore) so it will be a $150-200 for a new one.
    what about a replacement? I am thinking about a company called Cleanburn, that has one that will do used oil also. I can get a hold of a fair amount of used oil. and think this may be better then the $3.00 for 'new' oil. I also have a friend that is setting up a small bio diesel operation and he may have some sub-par product to get rid of.

    I am all ears for any ideas, even bad ones;)

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