Old recessed 2 prong polarized outlet above sink made for a clock-Plug won't go all the way in

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Sep 20, 2016
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I have a two pronged, polarized, recessed outlet above the sink in my kitchen (the home was built in 1950). I found a 1952 GE Kitchen clock on ebay and went to plug it in. I know the outlet works, because I have tried a lamp and a radio in the outlet. However, I cannot get whatever I plug in there to stay....it only goes a little ways in; enough to power the item, but I have to hold the plug in or it will fall out. Upon closer inspection, I noticed the word "KULKA" printed on the outlet (see photo). Does that mean anything? Is there something special I have to do with this outlet? It is definitely polarized, because the plug only fits one way. I have tried to mildly force the plug in, (because I didn't want to break anything) to no avail. Any tips you can offer me? Again, the outlet works, I just have to hold the plug in (it only goes in far enough just to make contact) or it falls out. It's like there is something behind the prong acceptors that prevents the prongs from going in any further.




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It looks pretty old and may have been sitting many years and could be just working hard. You could try a little more force there are even spray contact cleaners you could try after shutting off the power. The simplest thing would be for about ten bucks just buy a new recessed outlet and swap it out.
Did you have any issue plugging in the lamp or the radio? I can imagine the prongs on the old clock are fatter than a modern plug would be (just because newer stuff is made cheaper). The old clock is probably not polarized.

Try a little wiggle while you're pushing it in.