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May 26, 2006
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I want to paint the exterior of some concrete block walls. I want to use a spray gun that can spray that textured stuff (rough look-clumps of sand ect...). There is no roof or windows on the house yet and I have not pushed the dirt up against the edge yet. Is now a good time to go ahead and paint or should I wait until the roof, windows, ect...are installed ?
Also can someone suggest a good user friendly name brand or type of sprayer for the type of painting Im wanting to do ? I would like for it to be electric powered instead of air. Lowes sells some sprayers ranging from around 70 to 100+ dollars but Im unfamiliar with theyre quality.
Now is the time to paint if you don't want to mask everything off.

For textured paint, you would be better off to rent professional equipment than to try to buy equipment that would handle that stuff.
That sounds great Square Eye. Exactly what I was thinking in terms of not having to mask everything off. I just didnt know if for some unforeseen reason it was a bad idea. I also like the idea of renting the sprayer for the first. I then realized that I wouldnt know how long it would take me to finish the job and not to mention that I was thinking of using the same sprayer (I think I can do this ???) for spraying a textured type paint over the interior drywall to hide my bad spots if we decide not to use a wood interior. Whatcha think ?
Rent it by the day and it will still be cheaper than buying a sprayer that would handle textured paint.
textured paint? you mean paint thickened up with mud? or are you talking a full on stucco type thing. I have never heard of an exterior paint that has sand in it that you could spray with painting equip. ????
Yes asbestos they have sprayer as described. I google searched some of them and they are pretty dang expensive. I think I like Square Eye's idea of "renting":D
Thanks for the help:)