painting zinc galvanized sheet metal

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Aug 20, 2012
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I need to paint some small objects that I bent up out of 26 gauge galvanized sheet metal. This is for indoor use so the surface doesn't need to be super durable. I would like the paint to stay on for at least a little while.

Normally with sheet metal I would de-grease it and then run a sander on it with 120 or so. Then I would etch it with muriatic or phosphoric and pick a primer based on where the metal was going to live. In this case, I am wondering about etching with the zinc coating.

Will the etch still work given that zinc is a corrosion resistant coating?
What acid should I use? (are there hazardous interactions to watch out for?)
Is there a different method for zinc coatings?

I just used some metal I had around and I didn't think about the coating until I saw it on the sticker.

Advice is appreciated as always.

I heard that you have to lets it weather outside for one year, then you can paint it