Planning to clean the interior of your car/truck? Here is a key tip

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Feb 24, 2021
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I just finished washing the exterior and cleaning the interior of our Subaru - and used an amazing tip I found on the Web years ago.

The top of the dash and rear 'tray' under the back window, plus the dash, vents and instruments, armrest pockets etc. accumulate a layer of gray dust. If you put anything wet on it, including Armor All and similar products, the dust turns into gray slime that becomes even more difficult to remove. A vacuum will pick up some of it, but not all.

The solution: a Swiffer! Yep, the standard Swiffer on the standard 'stick'. (NOT the newer 'wet' Swiffer.) Just wipe it over everything and voila! No more gray dust. The Swiffer stick also makes it easy to reach the narrow areas next to the windshield and back window. and you can stick the Swiffer into the AC vents. A Swiffer pad (not on the stick) is good for wiping down instrument panels and armrest pockets.

I hope this is helpful!
Pure Genius BvilleBound! Thanks for posting it.

I'm inspired to finally clean the car (maybe...)

PS: I'm also no fan of Aromorall kind of stuff. The VOCs alone are bad enough, let alone the eventual tackiness.