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Oct 8, 2020
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San Diego
There is no forum category for pools. So, I have a project ... I need guidance ... The "pool" was originally designed as a fish pond. It was then modified as a large heated soaking pool. The pool winds around a palapa structure, sloping steadily downward (max depth 48") to the back side where the main drain used to be. At some time in the past, that drain was deactivated and drainage was piped through a floating skimmer.

Here is the problem .... leaves and crud accumulate in the low spot where the drain used to be. It is narrow and the pool guy cannot keep it clean, so stuff rots.

My solution ... I want to fill in the low spot and ramp the bottom backwards to prevent debris accumulation. Where the new ramp meets the pool bottom at the mouth of the low spot, I am installing a vertical stainless screen to catch any debris. The low spot is approx. 8' long and 40" wide.

MY QUESTION ... The low spot is about 8" below the pool bottom. I want the ramp to be 12" at the high end and sloping to zero when it meets the pool bottom. How should I fill the low spot? Too small for a gunnite application, so it will be mix, pour and trowel. Do I need epoxy coated rebar? What cement type is best? What top coat is best (quartz and Portland)?

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