Recurrent plaster bubbling

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Sep 23, 2023
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Looking for some suggestion regarding a plaster repair. I have a corner in my master bedroom where the plaster repeatedly bubbles. It’s a 100+ year old brick home. In the 2 years we’ve been here, I’ve repaired the plaster twice myself (once with joint compound and once with plaster of paris) and twice by professionals. I have had the roof repaired once and inspected a second time (which found no obvious defects) and I’ve had the 2 adjacent exterior brick walls extensively pointed up. Despite repairs to the roof and masonry I’m still getting moisture from somewhere. This is a flat roof and as such there are no gutters on the 2 walls that meet at the problem corner. The other thing I’ve found is that in 1 small area the plaster appears to have let go from the wall; when I knock on the wall it sounds hollow compared to adjacent areas. I find the room is frequently humid so its possible its an air circulation problem if moist air accumulates in that corner. DOesn't happen anywhere else in the room. TIA.

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