reinstalling kick plate on front of dishwasher

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Apr 29, 2015
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We have a wood kick plate that has fallen off of the dishwasher in our kitchen. What is the simplest way to reinstall it?
Are there flat surfaces on the dishwasher front where this would mount? Is the wooden kick plate only as wide as the dishwasher? If you have a flat surface I'd install some self-stick velcro on both the kick plate and the dishwasher and stick it.
That would work as well, maybe even better. Self stick velcro can sometimes stick to itself better than wood.
I just used the cheap flat 1.25 round magnets walmart sells in a pack and put a puddle of clear 5 minute epoxy and sat the magnet in it. Once in a while it will pop off if you kick it just right or hit it with the sweeper.