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Mar 3, 2021
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Horsham PA
(update, new direction, from a previous post, Jan 22')

(background) House was built in the late 90's, 42 space (all used), 200A service located in basement. 10 yrs back we had an in-law suite added which included extending the basement. When the addition was added they put in an additional (16 space) subpanel, adjacent to the main service panel.

Preparing to install a whole house generator and I do not have the space (in the original "finished" electrical room section) to add the generator panel. What I am considering is consolidating the 2 original panels, relocating them directly behind where they are now - in the new basement section - which will allow me to install the generator panel right next to the new service panel.

No issues with the service cable length as it ran along the (original) outside wall and I'll actually pick up 12" or so. Most (70%ish) of the inside feeds, however, will need to be junctioned in the old service panel.

Any "compliance" issues stand out here? My thought process logical?