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Aug 20, 2012
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I have a couple of panels of cedar impressions vinyl shingle that I need to remove to do some work underneath. I need to be careful so I can reinstall it when I am done. These are on a knee wall, so it's only one panel that was probably cut at the top. There is J-Channel on the top and a corner piece to negotiate with. I don't remember how this stuff goes together.

Are there any suggestions on how to take this apart without the Sawzall?

Might go to home center or siding store and look at how the parts get put together... or bring up a video on youtube...
I think what you are describing is vinyl siding that snaps together and then is held to the wall with a large head roofing nail in a slot that is driven lose so the siding can expand and contract.

There is a tool you can buy for a couple bucks that is a hook that lets you unsnap the joint once you get it free you can normally unbutton the siding from the nail and take off a couple rows to do work below. If you are careful you can reverse the process and put it back when done.

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