Renovating a 1824 house

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Jan 28, 2006
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I bought a 1824 house with water rotted first floor & around four windows. a structural company came in and did a great job of shoring up the floor and is coming next week to frame in new windows. I am getting estimates from from liquid siding company and a contractor who will use the jim.hardie products. any one had experience with either one?

The framing for the roof is the original 2x4 and not today's 2x10s. Does anyone have a recommendation for insulating the inside of the roof which I am going to use as/with a cathedral ceiling?

My suggestion on the roof area is to check out Any cathed... is helpful for all of us. Brian:confused:
The liquid siding covering is "scary". If there is any crack or gap that water can get into the whole structure can rot from the inside out. Also, what do you do if there is a repair - call them back out for a spot coverage?$$$$
The Hardie product are very versitile and great to work with. I am putting it on our 1895 Victorian addition.