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    We "had" a cat that destroyed one corner of my daughters room before we noticed what was going on. I knew there was a smell, but I thought it was a spot in the middle of the floor. I tore up the carpet and actually had to replace the drywall in the corner, but then we went shopping for some new floor. Thought about laminate, and almost bought some engineered hardwood planks that Home Depot had on a special purchase, but then we were shown something else. This flooring has overlapping flaps that adhere to one another and creates a floating floor once installed. Its supposed to be 100% waterproof and carries a 25 year warranty against wear. We thought we'd try it in her room and we actually really like it! Looks just like wide plank hardwood and has the texture as well. I searched, but didn't see any threads about this stuff. Has anybody had any experience with it? After the floor was in, I had to do a little more drywall work and got powdery dust and paint on the floor in the process. Used the hardwood cleaner that we use on the maple downstairs and it cleaned up like new.

    Sorry for the long post! I have another question related to this but will start a new thread.

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