Rotten floor, sub floor, and sill/bottom plate

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Nov 1, 2017
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Hey everyone how's it going? Hopefully y'all's day is better than mine.

So I noticed the drywall was peeling and I got this house as a tax house or tax sale. This is what I discovered when tearing off the drywall along the bottom.

It looks like they had three quarter inch subfloor but the two by four running along the floor which is on top of the subfloor is rotten and it looks like they had a water leak there at one point because the bathroom is on the other side of it and a new shower is put in there.

I've never done anything like this except for drywall repairs so I was using a screwdriver to pry for dead wood or see how solid the subfloor is and the subfloor is solid but not directly underneath the studs and you see the studs are rotten also but not all of them.

What what's the first step to take to repair the studs and the bottom plate and the subfloor. They have carpet over the original hardwood floors


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