Rubber stuck to linoleum on bathroom floor

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Sep 25, 2017
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I put this second-hand bathroom rug on the floor, and when I decided it was done for, I found that the rubber backing had stuck to the floor. A lot of it. I never applied heat to the rug, or water. How can I get it off the linoleum?

Thanks for your thoughts!
I use Rapid Remover® adhesive remover to clean surfaces in the sign business. You can find it at sign supply stores or online. It cleans adhesive, grease, etc. from the surface without damaging plastic, acrylics, paint, etc. You'd want to test a spot in an obscure area to be sure it won't affect the linoleum.
Not all ahesive removers are the same. The hardware store adhesive removers tend to soften paint, plastic and acrylics, especially if left to soak a few minutes, so I imagine they may do the same to the linoleum, but test first.
I also use Isopropyl Alcohol (Rubbing alcohol) to remove less stubborn material, might be something to try first to see if it will lift the rubber residue.
Again test it first to make sure it won't attack the linoleum.
use WD40 it will remove gum, some glues, stickers, etc.
I'm glad it worked out. I've never heard of this happening before where the bathroom rug sticks to the floor.